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Why Wood Flooring Could be the Great Type of Floor For any Family Home

Why Wood Flooring Could be the Great Type of Floor For any Family Home
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Although many different types of flooring can suit your property, we take a look at our main reasons why we think that wood flooring is your number one solution when it comes to finding a perfect product for your family home.

Durable –

Your kids can run on it, drive their toy cars on it, drop paint and pots on it and you should still be able to have a decent looking floor that you can be proud of. Although wood flooring does scratch and possibly leave marks, as long as the flooring is properly treated and looked after then it will be much more durable than lino and carpet, which tend to show their age much quicker than wooden flooring.

Easy To Clean –

With a wipe of a cloth or a mop, your floor is clean and will look as good as new no matter what you spill or drop on it on most occasions. If you can imagine spilling a glass of red wine on your carpet compared to spilling it on wooden flooring, you can quickly see which type of flooring is going to come out the winner when it comes to which will show the least effects!

Repairable –

If a section of the wood flooring becomes damaged then it is far easier to replace than if a section of carpet was damaged or became not repairable. Because wooden flooring is laid down in sections rather than just one whole covering if damage does occur than you can normally remove the problem pieces and replace them, whereas with carpet or lino you could be looking at having to replace the whole lot.

Stain Resistant –

Although nothing is usually 100% resistant to stains, wood flooring is often much more resistant to stubborn stains than the majority of its flooring alternatives, as you can normally just clean your floor in minutes with a wet cloth or mop. There are many leading wood flooring cleaning products on the market which will help to make sure your floor is clean and hygienic, but even just good old soapy water can help to keep your floor nice and clean.

Versatile –

This type of flooring is incredibly versatile as you can literally have it anywhere in your home and it will fit in nicely, from your kitchen right the way through to your bedroom or conservatory. Many people will often start with one room and then fit the whole house with wooden flooring as they realize the impact it can have and also how it can go with any room throughout the house.

Affordable –

Wooden flooring is usually cheaper than the equivalent quality carpet alternative, which if you have a family can help massively when it comes to saving every possible pound. When you think that high-end carpet can run into the thousands of pounds to fit a whole house, wooden flooring is often much cheaper to buy and can cover a greater space when you look at how much you can get for your money. We are not saying that wood flooring is indestructible because there is nothing on the flooring marketing that cannot be broken or damaged, but it is true to say that if you are looking for a hard-wearing, durable and good looking floor, then this type of flooring is one you really should consider.