Latest Bathroom Design Trends

There are many trends influencing the design of bathrooms these days. From chandeliers to tiled floors, you will find the latest styles in bathrooms here. Take a look at some of the most stunning examples below! Whether you are transforming a bathroom for an office, a guesthouse, or a private residence, there’s a design trend out there for you. Here’s how to get one of these designs for your own home.

Modern bathroom design

A white blanketed lounge chair sits in front of a glass swing door and awning window in this modern bathroom. The white walls and clean white linear tile flooring are complemented by a slanted glass skylight. A sleek and elegant bathroom vanity with a rose gold statuette and flush-faced glass doors and drawers is complemented by a wall of white painted cabinets. A white soaking tub is the focal point of the room, while a glass skylight adds to the room’s ambiance.


There are many considerations to take when incorporating a chandelier in the bathroom. First, you should consider the height of your ceiling. A chandelier placed above a tub must hang at least eight feet off the floor to avoid the light bulb falling into the tub. Additionally, there are additional safety considerations that you should be aware of when installing a chandelier in your bathroom. According to the National Electrical Code, a bathroom chandelier should be at least seven feet above the seating area to ensure the safety of both the fixtures and …

Small Modern Bathroom Ideas With Storage

When it comes to designing a small bathroom, you’ll be glad to know that there are a number of ways to maximize space and get the most out of your bathroom.

Smaller toilets and sinks are both great options, and you can choose between a wall- mounted or pedestal sink to keep the bulk down while keeping the room feeling open and spacious. Floating vanities are another excellent choice. If space is at a premium, consider installing a window to maximize light and air.

Floating vanity

Whether you have a compact bathroom or a larger one, a floating vanity can fit in nicely. You can even get one with a rustic look by selecting one made from reclaimed wood. These vanity ideas add texture to the space, while the sink and storage cabinets are concealed underneath. Obviously, a floating vanity doesn’t offer as much storage space as a traditional one, but recessed medicine cabinets can make up for it while maintaining the room’s clean, uncluttered look.

Floor plan

One of the best ways to maximize the space in your small bathroom is to use a floor plan. This will help you keep construction costs down, while still allowing you to include a personal touch. Consider installing a furniture-style or contemporary floating vanity, which will add character to your space while also creating more counter space for a medicine cabinet. In addition, a floor plan that places all plumbing fixtures on one wall makes your small space feel larger.


If …

Small Bathroom Designs With Shower

If space is an issue in your small bathroom, consider using a shower with a frameless glass enclosure. The glass provides a luxurious feel, and will save you floor space. A mirror in the shower cubicle will also come in handy for those of us who like to dye our hair at home. Lastly, consider installing pocket doors to create additional space in a small bathroom for a sink.

Another way to make the most of limited floor space is to change the direction of your shower door.

Wall-mounted washbasins save floor space

In a small bathroom, it can be tempting to cram in as many things as possible. While this can result in a cramped feeling, you should keep a few important things in mind. First of all, you need to keep your sanitary ware to a minimum. Another great idea is to install wall-mounted washbasins, as they take up minimal floor space and are easier to clean.

For bathrooms that have limited floor space, you can use light colors to create a spacious atmosphere. Pale tiles reflect more light and give the impression of a larger room. Use tiles to create decorative accent walls, or cover the floor entirely with colored tile to give it a more spacious look. Using light-colored tiles in small bathroom designs with showers will help to create a sense of depth in a small space.

Frameless glass shower gives a luxurious feel

A frameless glass shower is one of the hottest trends today. …

Simple Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern convenience meets historical authenticity in this simple bathroom design. Textured wall tiles provide character. LED lighting is the best option for a simple bathroom design. Here are some other ideas:

Wall-mounted vanities make a small bath feel larger

A vanity built between the wall studs is a practical option to use when a bathroom is limited in space. It offers a place to keep toiletries and cleaning supplies without taking up floor space. Adding a marble countertop can add an elegant touch to a small bathroom. Alternatively, you can choose a vanity that features antique-inspired faucets. Another option is to add a small recessed shelf below the vanity to store towels. A matching, narrow built-in shelf or storage cabinet under the sink can be used to hold a few extra bath towels.

Textured wall tiles add character

When it comes to interior architecture, texture plays a crucial role. Textured wall tiles create new visual and tactile effects by creating a contrast between the icy white of ceramic and the warmth of fabric. Textured bathroom tiles are available in many forms, including delicate designs, classic patterns, undulating shapes, and horizontal or vertical stripes. Some of these textures even replicate authentic textile textures. In contrast, plain woven fabrics emphasize regular interlacing threads.

LED lighting is the best option for a simple bathroom design

If you are looking for a more cost-effective way to light up a bathroom, consider installing LED lighting. This type of lighting can be used for a variety …

Bathroom Remodel on A Budget

Seeking for some exclusive bathroom remodel ideas though you are working on a tight budget? Contemplate how the elements of this bathroom remodel can be incorporated into your bathroom remodel plans. Now that you have noticed all these terrific bathroom remodeling projects, hopefully you have got some new ideas for your personal DIY bathroom remodel.

In conclusion, often note bathroom remodel and redesign ideas that you consider should really be budget friendly. Remodeling on a budget, Remodeling ideas, Hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor Get free of charge estimates from trusted bathroom remodelers close to you. Budgeting a bathroom remodel can be tricky, especially when there are particular amenities or options you want.

Bathroom Remodel Charges

The thought of the bathroom remodel ideas on a budget is to replace the shower hardware. For these that want to do a bathroom remodeling under $2000 budget, it is extra cost-productive to use pre-fabricated shower units than a site-built tiled shower. Many shower heads and radiant heat floors are fabulous adds to a bathroom remodel.

The bottom line is that with the above discussed cheap bathroom remodel ideas, you can have a helpful and smooth bathroom renovation project. And with our low- cost bathroom remodel ideas, you can entirely transform your grooming space without the need of shelling out the median bathroom renovation cost of $32,000. If you program your style, shop intelligent and invest some sweat equity, you can have a $25,000 bathroom remodel for a fraction of the price.

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