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Vintage Modern Bedroom Makeovers

Vintage Modern Bedroom Makeovers
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A Vintage Modern Bedroom Makeover can be done using a variety of different techniques. The techniques I used are Weathered wood headboards, Vintage floral patterns, built-ins, patterned linens, and much more! The entire project took several months to complete, but I would highly recommend it! The fun part is the creative process. I hope these tips are helpful! Continue reading to discover more about Vintage Modern Bedroom Makeovers.

Vintage floral patterns

If you’re looking for a way to add vintage charm to a modern bedroom, a floral pattern is the perfect way to start. These floral wallpapers come in many different colours and can easily transform a boring room into a romantic retreat. Vintage floral wallpapers can also be used as a great alternative to more traditional patterns. They can help create the atmosphere you want without overpowering the rest of the room.

Weathered wood headboard

A weathered wood headboard is a unique way to add a rustic focal point to your bedroom. Created by nailing boards to the wall, this style can be adorned in a number of ways. Besides adding a string of lights to the reading light mounted on top of the headboard, you can hang a wreath or a family photo or even a wedding picture in the center. Alternatively, you can place your initials on the headboard.


Choosing a built-in is a very personal choice. The style should complement the personality of the homeowner. Some people love floor-to-ceiling built-ins while others want shorter options. Small built-ins can add character to a bedroom by serving as vertical extensions. They can be used to store books, small decorative items, or even a television. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to have a bedroom that will be a reflection of your personality.

Patterned linens

If you want to add vintage style to your bedroom, consider using patterned linens. In addition to traditional floral patterns, tartan, the classic Scottish design, can also be incorporated. If you’d like to bring more history into your room, you can even find antique pieces at thrift stores. Try browsing through the wall-hangings section for unique, vintage frames. Many are easily removable. This is an easy way to incorporate a vintage look into your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Lighting fixtures

Mid-century modern design is one of the most timeless and classic looks of all time, and vintage modern bedroom lighting fixtures are no exception. The look is both elegant and functional, and will enhance any room’s décor. Mid-century modern fixtures come in many styles and can be

used for both indoor and outdoor lighting. A few popular examples include floor lamps, ceiling fans, and vanity lights. To find one that suits your style, check out some of the following resources.

Wall paneling

The first thing to remember when you’re installing wall paneling in your bedroom is the style of your home. If you have modern furnishings, a vintage look will complement them nicely. Modern bedrooms are all about clean lines and simple shapes. You should focus your design effort on the accent wall, the one behind the bed. Be sure to coordinate the colors with the other pieces in the room, including the flooring. Muted colors, like gray tones, go well with most styles.