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Simple Bathroom Design Ideas

Simple Bathroom Design Ideas
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Modern convenience meets historical authenticity in this simple bathroom design. Textured wall tiles provide character. LED lighting is the best option for a simple bathroom design. Here are some other ideas:

Wall-mounted vanities make a small bath feel larger

A vanity built between the wall studs is a practical option to use when a bathroom is limited in space. It offers a place to keep toiletries and cleaning supplies without taking up floor space. Adding a marble countertop can add an elegant touch to a small bathroom. Alternatively, you can choose a vanity that features antique-inspired faucets. Another option is to add a small recessed shelf below the vanity to store towels. A matching, narrow built-in shelf or storage cabinet under the sink can be used to hold a few extra bath towels.

Textured wall tiles add character

When it comes to interior architecture, texture plays a crucial role. Textured wall tiles create new visual and tactile effects by creating a contrast between the icy white of ceramic and the warmth of fabric. Textured bathroom tiles are available in many forms, including delicate designs, classic patterns, undulating shapes, and horizontal or vertical stripes. Some of these textures even replicate authentic textile textures. In contrast, plain woven fabrics emphasize regular interlacing threads.

LED lighting is the best option for a simple bathroom design

If you are looking for a more cost-effective way to light up a bathroom, consider installing LED lighting. This type of lighting can be used for a variety of applications, including a vanity, toilet, or bath. Depending on your needs, you may even opt to install a single sconce to create a softer light. In this case, LEDs will provide the perfect amount of light to light up the bathroom, without overpowering the space.

Freestanding furniture

A freestanding bath creates a feeling of openness and provides plenty of storage space. A wooden table or storage cabinet can be placed nearby. A minimalist design keeps clutter at bay, so pare back your accessories and stick to the essentials. Bulky items tend to take up valuable floor space, making the room appear smaller. Alternatively, you can add extra storage space with a mirrored medicine cabinet. You can also add more storage with stools with cubbies for towels.