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What to do When you Need a New Roof

What to do When you Need a New Roof
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You are hanging out in your living room and having a fun binge-watching fest of your favorite new series. As you recline in your chair you look up and instantly notice something isn’t quite right about your ceiling. You turn on the lights to illuminate the room a bit better and climb up on a chair. It’s water. You have some kind of a leak in your attic, and it has broached the roof and come through the drywall into your ceiling. You were just watching television yesterday in the same spot and did not notice this water circle. The ceiling is not very wet to the touch, so this leads you to believe the leak is fresh.

Now is the time to think back to the last storm. Was it recent? During violent weather outbreaks and strong storm seasons such as monsoons it is typical to experience some form of storm damage to your home. Hail can be damaging to windows, siding and roofs. Strong winds can turn anything into a projectile and leave small holes in your roof or siding. The winds can also physically rip off any roof shingles that may already have been nearing the end of their life span.

When a small hole or rip occurs in the roof water will be able to permeate into the attic space. As the water trickles down it can cause some costly damage if it is not taken care of immediately. Storm damage is typically covered by your homeowner’s insurance. The first step will be to contact your home owners insurance and ask them if they have any roofing companies that they work with and recommend. Typically, your agent will have a list of companies they have worked with that have done good work and communicate well with the insurance representatives. Be wary of storm chasers. These roofers look for damage and can sometimes attempt to file fake insurance claims.

If you are looking for commercial or any residential roofing scottsdale az and cities all across the United States have trusted and reputable roofers that can get your roof back to working. You need a roof that is inspected and then corrected. If a leak is persistent the roofer may put a tarp over the spot and secure it. This will prevent the roof from taking in any more water and once the weather breaks the roofers can safely gain access to your roof and remove the old one and then install the new one.

When having a new roof installed on your home you will need to make accommodations to park elsewhere for the day. Roofing nails can fall and end up on your driveway. The roof workers will look for those when the job is done and clean up the space. Typically, a dumpster is put in the driveway to hold and then haul away the old roof. The entire process takes only one to two days. It will be loud inside your home; if you have pets or small children you may want to make arrangements to spend the day elsewhere while the roof is being installed.