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The Most Popular Flowers

The Most Popular Flowers
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Spring Hill Nurseries has surveyed consumers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., to find out which flowers are the most popular. While the list of most popular flowers varies from state to state, some regions seem to have similar tastes. For example, in the middle of the country, hydrangeas are the most popular flower, while daffodils are the most popular flower on the east coast. No matter what type of flower you’d like to give to a special someone, there is sure to be something that will make the recipient feel loved.


One of the most popular flowers, carnations are closely related to Sweet William. Their specific epithet, caryophyllus, derives from Greek karya, the word for walnut, and phyllon, meaning leaf. Normally appearing in single stems, carnations can be found in a wide range of colors. Each color carries a different meaning, making them one of the most popular flowers.


Gerberas are easy to grow in pots or in the ground. They prefer a slightly acidic soil with good drainage. Avoid planting them in heavy clay soil, and space them about 12 to 15 inches apart. Gerberas prefer good air circulation and should not be grown in very humid climates. During the growing season, they require plenty of light but do not like too much heat. Morning sun and afternoon shade are best for gerberas. If you have a dark-colored container, avoid planting your gerberas near brick walls or hot surfaces.


Orchids are among the most beautiful and exotic flowers in the world, and they’re also incredibly unique. In fact, some of the most beautiful orchids are actually native to other continents.

Oncidiums are tropical orchids that grow at high elevations in the Andes Mountains. They look like dancing ladies with their ruffled skirts, and are commonly found in gardens and landscapes.


Sunflowers have an extensive variety. There are single-stem, branching, and pollenless varieties. There are also many varieties with novel shapes. Many varieties have multiple layers of petals. Here are some of the most popular sunflower cultivars. Here are a few things to remember before planting sunflowers. Most sunflowers need to be at least 18 inches apart to flower fully. Some sunflower cultivars require succession planting.


Although sweet peas and asters were once the most popular flowers, their popularity has waned significantly over the past century, due to disease problems and the natural decline of their vigor. However, the popularity of marigolds has recently soared again, thanks to a new breed of plant called the ‘gold coin’. Since its introduction, the marigold has been one of the most popular flowers in the world.


The common daisy is perhaps the most popular flower. Its Latin name means “eternal war.” The flower is a small, spherical, white disk, and its petals are a bright yellow. It grows to about 10 cm (3 inches) in diameter and can carpet an entire grassy knoll with white beards. Native to Europe, daisies are very hardy and have spread all over the world.

Lilly of the valley

The most common flower in the United States, lily of the valley grows in the shade. This plant prefers a shady spot with a moist soil, but not soggy that the roots rot. For the best results, plant lily of the valley in groundcover areas that receive little or no other plantings. During dry periods, water the plants deeply and regularly. In hotter climates, leave them in the shade or rain to keep moist.