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Beach Living Room Design Ideas

Beach Living Room Design Ideas
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If you’re interested in decorating your beach living room, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll discover ways to bring the ocean into your home, from Built-ins to seashell decor. Read on to get inspired by some of the most stylish living rooms. And don’t forget to shop around! Houzz is a great resource for finding great deals on living room furniture. You can also find beach living room pictures and get inspired!


A coastal living room is functional and can serve many purposes, including storage. You may want to include a variety of furniture pieces to serve different purposes and accommodate storage needs. Built-ins are an excellent solution for storage and can be customized to suit your needs. Here are a few examples of how to incorporate built-ins into your beach living room design. Listed below are some ways to incorporate built-ins into your beach living room design.

Neutral hues

For a warm and inviting coastal retreat, use neutral hues to anchor the room. Natural elements are essential in a coastal setting, but you can also add a little pop of color to the room with accents such as blue pillows and blue rugs. A classic console table with a blue-and-white striped top pairs nicely with a rustic wooden chest used as a side table. This style of decor can be replicated in many ways, from antique-looking accent tables to painted-wood coffee tables.

Seashell decor

There are countless design ideas you can use seashells in. For example, a partially open clam shell cascaded from the ceiling creates a unique pendant light that ties in a beach landscape photo with a decorative seashell on the table. Another great idea is to make a shadow box out of a vintage printer’s tray, a similar box, and mounting tape. Use the shadow box as a focal point on a mantel or table.

Natural accents

To give your living room the look of a beachside paradise, incorporate natural accents throughout the design. This coastal living room design has an eclectic mix of traditional and modern pieces. For example, this living room has a blue and white striped rug, a fireplace framed in white, a white framed seascape photo above the mantel, and soft gray couches atop a rustic brown rug.

Sisal rugs

If you’d like to bring a bit of the beach into your living room, consider using sisal rugs. This natural fiber is made from the agave plant, a plant that is extremely durable and low-maintenance. Its rough surface and texture are perfect for adding a touch of earth to any room. Here’s how to choose a sisal rug that will complement your decor: