Small Bathroom Designs With Shower

If space is an issue in your small bathroom, consider using a shower with a frameless glass enclosure. The glass provides a luxurious feel, and will save you floor space. A mirror in the shower cubicle will also come in handy for those of us who like to dye our hair at home. Lastly, consider installing pocket doors to create additional space in a small bathroom for a sink.

Another way to make the most of limited floor space is to change the direction of your shower door.

Wall-mounted washbasins save floor space

In a small bathroom, it can be tempting to cram in as many things as possible. While this can result in a cramped feeling, you should keep a few important things in mind. First of all, you need to keep your sanitary ware to a minimum. Another great idea is to install wall-mounted washbasins, as they take up minimal floor space and are easier to clean.

For bathrooms that have limited floor space, you can use light colors to create a spacious atmosphere. Pale tiles reflect more light and give the impression of a larger room. Use tiles to create decorative accent walls, or cover the floor entirely with colored tile to give it a more spacious look. Using light-colored tiles in small bathroom designs with showers will help to create a sense of depth in a small space.

Frameless glass shower gives a luxurious feel

A frameless glass shower is one of the hottest trends today. …