How to Create a Simple Modern Kitchen Design

A simple modern kitchen design can be surprisingly creative and stylish, especially if the materials used are complementary. For example, consider this kitchen with a dark shiplap ceiling and matching bank of cabinets. The shiplap extends down a column on the other side of the room, tying the two sides together and lending the entire space a longer and more expansive feel. This room is functional, interesting, and clean. But what makes it so unique?

Handleless cabinetry

A simple modern kitchen design with handleless cabinetry is a great way to create an open, light-filled space. These kitchens have a sleek, clean feel that makes a small space appear more spacious, without distracting from the fluid layout. This style has its pros and cons, however. High gloss, white kitchens often show fingerprints and dust can collect on the recessed opening ledge. Also, handleless cabinetry makes small spaces feel more spacious without …